Action Alerts PLUS Membership Helps You Become A Better Investor


    You'll receive an email or mobile notification ahead of every buy or sell decision we make so you can make the trade even before we do.


    Every day you'll get up to the minute analysis of major market events and key opportunities so you can position yourself for success.


    We have created dynamic indices to fit all 4 investment styles (Growth, Value, Income, or Blend) so you can match our portfolio to your stock goals.


    Join our online forum where club members share ideas and pose investing questions to their peers.

  •  It’s All About Making You A More Knowledgeable And Intelligent Investor

  • We constantly seek to better serve our members through the lens of transparency, education and rigorous analysis.  

    You'll hear a lot of financial experts claim they guarantee above-average returns regardless of the market and Portfolio Managers don't tell you anything. We feel you deserve a different approach. We are an open book, play with an open hand, and will always tell it to you straight.

Action Alerts PLUS Key Features

  • 24/7 Access to the AAP Portfolio
  • Exclusive Access to the Members-Only Monthly Conference Call
  • Real-Time Investment Alerts every time the AAP team Buys or Sells
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis for Each Stock with a Rating Recommendation
  • Critical Market Insights & Strategies
  • Direct Access to the AAP team in the Members-Only Forum
  • Weekly Market Roundups & Analysis
  • Full Access to the AAP Investment Indices by Value, Growth, Blend, and Income Stocks
  • Educational Materials and Bonus Reports
  • Download the AAP Portfolio for Offline Review
  • Unlimited Access to the AAP Core Holdings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription by calling our Customer Service Department at 1-866-321-8726 Monday through Friday (excluding Federal Reserve Holidays) between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST. You may not cancel a subscription by any other means (such as by sending a request via email, postal mail or by calling any other phone number). If you are entitled to a refund we will seek to credit your account within 7-14 business days following your call.

What is your renewal policy?

For uninterrupted service, we will renew your subscription automatically at the term stated and charge your card the then-current list price [or such discounted price as TheStreet may elect to apply], until you cancel. For subscriptions longer than 6 months in length we will notify you of your renewal rate 30 days prior to the expiration of your current subscription. You may cancel by calling 1-866-321-8726.

What are the features of the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio?

Our portfolio is diversified with recommendations in all nine S&P sectors, and only overweight in the areas we believe are set to outperform the rest. We analyze our holdings (technically and fundamentally) on a daily basis and take action as necessary—take a little off the table, add to positions and trim losers.

What is the AAP Monthly Call?

The AAP shares insights and gives real-world examples to help you make investment decisions like the pros. Action Alerts PLUS members are also able to submit questions in advance that they would like answered during the live monthly call. Members are able to watch the live-stream webcast from the Action Alerts PLUS homepage or dial in using our exclusive conference line.

Will I receive alerts?

Our alerts are driven by the action in the market. When the market is busy, we have been known to send as many as five alerts in a day; there also will be days when there are no alerts. However, every week you can look forward to the Weekly Roundup on Friday when the AAP Team will review every stock in the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio.